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Ali Dentistry - Your Brampton best Family kids Dentists

Ali Dentistry is a good family dentists detal office in Brampton, Georgetown and Caledon that offers complete cosmetic dentistry, kids dentistry and implant dentistry services that are perfect for the complete family. Our cosmetic and implant dental services includes kids dentistry, dental implants, dental veneers, dental bonding, dental bridges, dental crowns, teeth whitening and root canal treatment cover all your general health and wellness needs. Today's cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry offers so many astounding opportunities for you to have better health and an improved look.

A gorgeous smile means healthy, pink gum tissue, and removal of the harmful bacteria that can concern your body in ways that reach far beyond your mouth. From regular dental examinations and complete proactive dental treatment, full dental implants treatment and the brilliancy of cosmetic dentistry, our cosmetic dentists and implant dentists can help you enjoy a natural and healthy smile for your life span. Come and visit our dental office in Brampton, Georgetown and Caledon and find out your healthier and livelier smile.

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Family & Kids Dentist in Brampton, Ontario

Dr. Nahim Ali, DDS

A fifteen-year veteran of the dentistry profession, Dentists Dr. Ali has been practicing family dentistry, implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Brampton, Ontario for the past fourteen years.

After immigrating to Canada from Kuwait in 1989, Dentist Dr. Ali continues to have a positive impact on the Brampton community through offering friendly and personal dental services to those in the area. Dr. Ali's dental practice has come to be considered a hidden gem among Brampton's health care services.

After having graduated from the University of Toronto's dentistry program, and served as a dentists in a Rochester, New York hospital, Dentists Dr. Ali made the decision to return and set up his practice in the city that has embraced his family and now fosters his flourishing business.


Ali Dentistry is a good family dentist dental office in Brampton run by some of the best and good cosmetic dentists, kids dentists and implant dentists serving Brampton, Georgetown and Caledon. Ali Dentistry is one of the affordable and good dental office in Brampton. If you're in need of a cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, family dentistry, dental emergency and kids dentistry, contact Brampton Ali Dentistry dental office today. To schedule an appointment with this dedicated, gentle and affordable Brampton dentists, call 905-495-9985.

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