Root Canal Treatment in Brampton, Ontario

A root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, removes infected, damaged and dead pulp from the inside structure of your tooth.

If bacteria enter the inside of a tooth via a deep cavity or a crack in a filling, it can lead to infection and cause the tooth to abscess. If the pulp inside the tooth is infected beyond the repair, it may have to be removed.

During a root canal treatment the dentist will remove the pulp, clean and enlarge the root canal system, then fill and seal the canal with a permanent filling.

An untreated tooth can pose a serious threat to your oral health and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Root Canal Retreatment

In the event a root canal treatment is unsuccessful, a second root canal treatment may be required – this is known as a retreatment. The existing root canal filling is removed, and the canal is re-cleaned, reshaped and refilled with a new filling.


Root Canal Surgery

When regular root canal treatment is not enough to restore the health of an infected tooth, root surgery may be the next step. During root canal surgery your dentist or oral surgeon examines the root end of your tooth for fractures and the areas of the tooth root that cannot be saved are removed. The root is then cleaned and cleared of infection that may have prevented it from healing properly previously.

What Else Should You Know?

Following root canal surgery, it's common to experience tenderness the first couple of weeks. If you experience extreme pain or swelling, contact your dentist for advice and to ensure it's nothing more serious.

It's also vital to remember you can still get a cavity or develop gum disease after a root canal treatment. The treatment does not protect your mouth from other potential threats to your oral health.

Proper oral hygiene care and regular dental visits are the best methods to ensure success following your root canal treatment and maintain the ongoing health of your remaining teeth. Ali Dentistry will do everything possible to save your natural tooth. In the event we cannot, we will discuss getting a false tooth to fill the space your natural tooth left behind. Getting a false tooth will ensure surrounding teeth do not shift out of place, and you will be more comfortable with the feeling a false tooth provides, both practically and aesthetically.

Call us today to book an appointment if you think you may need a root canal treatment in Brampton, Georgetown and Caledon. It is important you do not delay so that we have a better chance of saving the damaged or decayed tooth.

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