Dr. Nahim Ali, DDS

Dr. Ali has been practicing family dentistry in Brampton, Ontario for the past twenty years.

After immigrating to Canada from Kuwait in 1989, Dr. Ali continues to have a positive impact on the Brampton community through offering friendly and personal dental services to those in the area. Dr. Ali's practice has come to be considered a hidden gem among Brampton's health care services.

After having graduated from the University of Toronto's dentistry program, and served as a resident dentist in a Rochester, New York hospital, Dr. Ali made the decision to return and set up his practice in the city that has embraced his family and now fosters his flourishing business.

Dr. Ali enjoys serving at his clinic so that he can ensure his loyal customer base feel welcome and cared for by remembering patients' oral health care history and treating every patient with the personalized oral health care they deserve. You're never just another patient with Dr. Ali.

Dr. Ali can bring out the beauty of any patient's smile. He has wisely invested in meticulous training to provide his patients implants, veneers, bridges, smile makeover and various other other cosmetic dental procedures that will not only keep your smile health, but looking great. From something as simple as tooth whitening to a long-term investment, such as Invisalign braces or orthodontic work, Dr. Ali is the man for the job.

"I take personal satisfaction from helping people who are unhappy with their smiles. It gives them self-confidence and it gives us a lot of pride in our work to know that we have helped someone to increase their self-esteem and be happy with their smile for the rest of their life,"says Dr. Ali.

If you're ready to enjoy a unique standard of service, and receive the personal dental care you deserve call Dr. Ali today.

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